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Keumgang Family Martial Arts | Hallam Business Centre |  Hallam Street |  Stockport |  Cheshire |  SK26PT

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Keumgang Family Martial Arts | Hallam Business Centre |  Hallam Street |  Stockport |  Cheshire |  SK26PT

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0017:30Children 4 - 6TaekwondoLittle Ninjas
Monday17:3018:15Children 7 - 12TaekwondoJuniors Phase 1
Monday19:0020:00Adults 13+TaekwondoTeens & Adults
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 7 - 12TaekwondoJuniors Phase 1
Tuesday19:0020:00Adults 13+TaekwondoTeens & Adults
Wednesday17:0017:30Children 4 - 6TaekwondoLittle Ninjas
Wednesday17:3018:15Children 7+TaekwondoJuniors Phase 1
Wednesday19:0020:00Adults 13+TaekwondoTeens & Adults
Thursday17:3018:00Children 4 - 6TaekwondoLittle Ninjas
Thursday18:0018:45Children 7+TaekwondoJuniors Phase 1
Thursday19:3020:30Adults 13+TaekwondoTeens & Adults
Saturday9:3010:00Children 4 - 6TaekwondoLittle Ninjas
Saturday10:0010:30Children 4 - 6TaekwondoLittle Ninjas
Saturday10:3011:15Children 7 - 12TaekwondoJuniors Phase 1
Saturday12:0013:00Adults 13+TaekwondoTeens & Adults

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Keumgang was established in 1996 by it’s founders and Master Instructors, husband and wife team, Masters Alan and Caroline Platt. Keumgang meaning 'too strong to be broken' has been founded with a love of family and a passion for the Martial Arts at its heart. We believe 'a family that kicks together sticks together' and we strive to give every member of the family the benefits of the Martial Arts no matter how young or old. Our professional and friendly instructor team are committed to the positive development of our students to help them build their confidence, leadership qualities, focus and fitness, whilst learning to defend themselves in a safe and fun environment. Our many years of dedication has earned us the title of Stockport's Club of the year and given us the opportunity to positively impact thousands of students lives. We are grateful to be able to continue to impact our community because we genuinely care about making a difference one student at a time.

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