Hicks Family Martial Arts Centre

Eye Hicks Karate School |  70 High St |  Eye | Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE6 7UY

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Eye Hicks Karate School |  70 High St |  Eye |  Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE6 7UY

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday16:3017:15Children 2 - 4Little NinjasEye - Little Ninja's (Pre School)
Wednesday17:3018:15ChildrenKarateEye Children' s Beginner's Karate

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Hicks Family Martial Arts We are more than your ordinary Kick and Punch Martial Arts School We Teach life skill to prepare you for your future Excellence is our goal

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"Hicks Karate is a very Welcoming Place for both children and adults. It has helped my children to enhance their self confidence and physical strength. They enjoy their time at Hicks Karate School."

Parents of Madeline and Daniel – Deeping

"Hicks Karate has helped my son with his behaviour and concentration He has done it for 2 years now and really enjoys it."

Mrs Mecham – Bretton

"I was most impressed with the fully equipped Dojo at Hicks Karate Family Martial Arts Centre. I cant wait to get my first belt."

Amber 27 – Werrington

"Rose and Toby love the Instructors at Hicks Karate School, They are so friendly, helpful and professional. With classes everyday it was so easy to fit classes around what they all ready do. I enjoy watching from their coffee shop and chatting with the other parents."

Kimberly parent of Rose 5 and Toby 7

"My son Luke only started recently but already we have seen a difference in him. He is very proud to say that he comes to learn Karate and enjoys himself thoroughly. This is a great confidence builder for a quite and shy child."

Lyn parent of Luke 7 - Stanground

"Kieran and Luke both enjoy coming to Karate, it’s very friendly and relaxed. Also giving out reward stickers is a brilliant Incentive for them as it makes them feel really proud of themselves and boost’s their confidence."

Lianne parent of Kieran 7 and Luke 8 – Werrington

"I think Hicks Karate is a great school and I enjoy it all since I have joined. Thanks for teaching me. I have learnt so much since being here, I want to become a Karate Instructor when i’m older."

Nathan 10 – Gunthorpe

"Stephen has improved his sparring techniques because he attends fight club every week. He has improved in his Interclub and competitions. Fight club is great for any one that wants to get better at sparring or just wants a good work out. He has won many titles with Hicks Karate School and hopes one day to be a world champion like his Instructor Sensei Hicks."

Diana parent of Stephen 14 – Dogsthorpe

"My family and I have been training with Hicks Karate for 7 years, during which time two of us have achieved black belts. The school has a wide variety of classes to suit all levels and ages, and instructors who are flexible, enthusiastic and professional in their approaches. One of my children has some learning difficulties, and the lessons have helped him to gain confidence, both in his physical ability and in communicating and developing friendships with adults and a alike. Training in a fun, friendly and supportive environment at the dojo motivates us to continue to develop skills, with the additional benefit of regular cardio vascular and core fitness."

Mrs Denise Franks. Glinton

"My son has been training with Hicks Karate Peterborough for nearly 6 years now and what can I say he has improved and grew up to become a really good fighter and we’ll disciplined boy thanks to the wonderful teachers who have helped it achieve his goals thanks goes to Mr Hicks, Mr Martin Hobbs and Miss Hickman. Thank you all very much. bring your kids here for definite people."

Parents of Jacob 15 – Walton

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