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Peterborough Martial Arts Academy |  4 Wainman Road |  Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE2 7BU

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Peterborough Martial Arts Academy |  4 Wainman Road |  Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE2 7BU

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:10Children 4 - 6Children’s TaeKwonDoActive Start
Monday17:2018:00Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners
Monday19:3020:30Adults 16+Adults TaeKwonDoAdults 15+
Tuesday16:3017:10Children 4 - 6Children’s TaeKwonDoActive start
Tuesday17:2018:00Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners
Tuesday19:3020:30Adults 16+Adults TaeKwonDoAdults 15+
Wednesday17:2018:20Children 7 - 12Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners
Thursday16:3017:10Children 4 - 6Children’s TaeKwonDoActive Start
Thursday17:2018:00Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners
Thursday19:3020:30Adults 16+Adults TaeKwonDoAdults 15+
Friday16:3017:10Children 4 - 6Children’s TaeKwonDoActive start
Friday17:2018:20Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners
Friday17:2018:20Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoIntermediate & Advanced
Saturday9:3010:10Children 4 - 6Children’s TaeKwonDoActive start
Saturday10:2511:05Children 7 - 15Juniors TaeKwonDoBeginners

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Taekwondo Classes

Peterborough Martial Arts academy is Peterborough’s first full time Martial Arts centre. It is home to Evolution TaeKwonDo and is host to other Martial Arts and sporting events.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Evolution Taekwondo.


"Peterborough it is not a very big city, it's great to have a club this standard, has classes for all age-group, you will surely meet people and make new friends with similar abilities to yours and train together. IMO this is the best place in Peterborough. :)"

Ferris T Ch

"Absolutely amazing! It was my last lesson tonight after 5 years and I can't thank the staff there enough for helping me reach a 2nd dan black belt. Just go for a free lesson and you will fall in love with it!"

Daniel Selcraig

"Fantastic Club with friendly and fair instructors. Our boys confidence has grown so much since starting which has even been noticed at school...hubby and daughter also train there which is great as they can all practice together..:-)"

Nicky Peacock

"Great work outs, fantastic staff that get the most out of you and every one is very very very very friendly, cant recommend it high enough! Amazing club for everyone of all ability's and ages :D"

Oscar Smith

"My kids love it!!"

Georgie Brighten

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