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Hampton Gardens School | Hartland Avenue |  Hampton Gardens |  Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE7 8HR

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Hampton Gardens School | Hartland Avenue |  Hampton Gardens |  Peterborough |  Cambridgeshire |  PE7 8HR

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Saturday9:109:50Children 4+Adrenaline KarateSaturday 9:10am - Children's Beginner Karate Class

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Adrenaline Martial Arts - The number one activity to build confidence, focus and self-discipline in your child!

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"Well what can I say....Amazing!!! Our daughter Emily started her journey when she was 6yrs old and will be 16 in February,she was very shy and lacked confidence due to continued bullying,she took to karate like a duck to water,she absolutely loves it,we found the instructors very helpful and understanding and made her feel very relaxed and good about herself to the point of going from training once a week to 4,5 times a week,she has achieved her 2nd degree black belt in sport karate heading for her 3rd degree and 1st degree in shotokan,We are so very proud of her in her achievement and continues to grow,an inspiration all achieved because of Adrenaline Martial Arts and the fantastic team of instructors and i can't thank them enough for all their great work!"

Leisa B.

"EXCELLENT ACADEMY! My daughter started here at a young age and was quite shy, these class have helped build her confidence up so much and the instructors are fantastic. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone thinking of starting their children here. FIVE STARS"

Faye R.

"Fantastic classes. Our son has been attending for over 4 years. He thoroughly enjoys his classes in Peterborough. Would really recommend."

Samantha M.

"I can not recommend adrenaline martial arts any higher they have been fantastic with our son ... he was a very hyper little poor with some very naughty behaviour he is now about to grade to his brown belt white strip and i now have a very good confident young man the change is unreal thank you to every one at adrenaline for helping turn our little boy into a blossoming young man :)"

Nick B.

"Character-building and self-discipline in addition to physical development. Instructors encourage progress in the whole child."

Sarah T.

"Great martial arts venue with engaged and enthusiastic staff catering to all ages, as well as adult classes."

Anita B.

"Shihan Nash thank you for teaching my children karate they both enjoy and have learnt a lot from them and look forward to each class"

Fiona P.

"Fantastic instructors, amazing classes. Helpful friendly staff."

Ian C.

"Great facilities and a very good standard of teaching. Also a lot of fun!"

Carlo C.

"Amazing Dojo, great coaching and atmosphere"

Charlie H.

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