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Eastrea Centre | Coates Road |  Eastrea |  Cambridgeshire |  PE7 2BA

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Eastrea Centre | Coates Road |  Eastrea |  Cambridgeshire |  PE7 2BA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday18:4519:45Children 9 - 16Jnr BeltsAFTER LOCKDOWN LESSON School Yr 4 & Over
Wednesday20:0021:30Adults 16+SnrAFTER LOCKDOWN Cadets & Seniors 16 yrs & over

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Ju Jitsu Classes

Are you looking for training that combines practical self-defense and traditional martial arts techniques? That's what the Fenland Ju-Jitsu Academy is all about.You'll learn fundamentals that work around differences in size and strength, combining throwing, striking, kicking, blocking, and joint locks. It is a modern traditional style of Japanese Ju-Jitsu that is suitable for women, men and children of all sizes and physical abilities!

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"My daughter has been having problems with balance and coordination.It gives them far more skills,than just martial arts.The life skills you teach as well as the respect added within your teaching, is doing far more than just teaching her how to defend herself.You teach them so much more, and I as a parent, am extremely grateful."

Zoe Jay Jones-Hinchliffe

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