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Jado Kuin Do Tiffield | Gateway School |  St. Johns Road |  Tiffield | Towcester |  Buckinghamshire |  NN12 8AA

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Jado Kuin Do Tiffield | Gateway School |  St. Johns Road |  Tiffield |  Towcester |  Buckinghamshire |  NN12 8AA

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Wednesday19:0020:00Adults, Children, Family 10+Jado Kuin DoTiffield Adults

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Jado Kuin Do is a unique, progressive martial art, based on scientific principles and developed to promote life skills, optimum health and self-defence for the whole family. Jado Kuin Do was created by Master Jake D. Ogden in 1998 after two decades of martial arts study. Jado Kuin Do is much more than just punching, kicking and physical exercise. It gives people additional skills such as awareness, self discipline, confidence, mental guidance and philosophical values.

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