Leighton buzzard martial arts

Leighton Buzzard martial arts | Unit 15 Chartmoor road (Chiltern transport building) |  Leighton Buzzard |  Bedfordshire |  LU7 4WG

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Leighton Buzzard martial arts | Unit 15 Chartmoor road (Chiltern transport building) |  Leighton Buzzard |  Bedfordshire |  LU7 4WG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:15Children 5 - 9KickboxingBeginners little dragons
Monday17:3018:15Children 10 - 15KickboxingCadets Beginner
Monday18:3019:15KickboxingSparring Class
Monday19:1520:15Adults 16+KickboxingAdult Class
Tuesday16:1517:00Children 5 - 9KickboxingBeginners little dragons
Tuesday17:1518:00Children 5 - 8KickboxingAdvanced Dragons
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 10 - 15KickboxingCadets Advanced
Tuesday19:0020:00Adults 16+KickboxingAdult Beginner
Thursday16:1517:00Children 5 - 9KickboxingBeginners little dragons
Thursday17:1518:00Children 5 - 8KickboxingAdvanced Dragons
Thursday18:1519:00Children 9 - 15KickboxingCadets Mixed Class
Thursday19:0020:30Adults 16+KickboxingAdult Class
Saturday10:0010:45Children 4 - 8KickboxingLittle Dragons Beginner
Saturday11:0011:45KickboxingAdvanced Dragons
Saturday11:4512:45KickboxingMixed 12+

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"Just over 18 months ago, through recommendation of a friend, we somehow managed to get our very shy and reserved 7 year old daughter to have a free trial class. With the unique way Gary and his team are able to connect with the children of all abilities and confidence levels, the very welcoming atmosphere the staff and students create, the fun and enjoyment all the kids have while still learning valuable self-defence skills, our daughter instantly fell in love with these classes. 18 months on she is doing very well and is working her way through the belts. Her confidence is booming and she is a different child who has really come out of her shell. We have taken advantage of the family discounts on offer and i have myself joined the adults classes which are equally fantastic. My youngest daughter has not long started and is also making great progress. My only regret is that we didn't start these classes sooner."


"Dominic (aged 7) I like training with Gary because he makes us laugh while we work. i also like training with a partner. Annabella (aged 8) I love training with Gary because he makes it fun but we learn at the same time. He also has a good sense of humour. i like sparring because its fun. Simon (41) Joining up with the kids has got me back into martial arts after a very long break. The classes get us all exercising regularly and keep us learning and motivated. Sally I didnt think i would ever be the sort of person who could do a martial art, but after a year of watching my children having fun in their classes i decided to give it a go. A year later and i am still attending. It is good for fitness and much more interesting than other exercise classes as you have to concentrate on the technical aspects as well as putting in physical effort. Thank you Gary!"

The Gregson Family

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