TMA Wrexham 2

Wrexham Memorial Hall  | Bodhyfryd  |  Wrexham |  _ |  LL12 7AG

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Wrexham Memorial Hall  | Bodhyfryd  |  Wrexham |  _ |  LL12 7AG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday18:0019:00Temple Kids Wrexham 2
Wednesday19:0020:00Temple Adults Wrexham 2

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Are you looking for a martial arts school that caters for beginners, that puts your safety first and has a friendly atmosphere? If so we have classes that are suitable for you. Our range of regular kickboxing classes are non-contact and fun to train in whilst developing fitness and self defence skills at the same time.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by TMA Wrexham 2.

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