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Martin Acton's Aikido Institute | 100 Church Street |  Dromore |  Down |  BT251AA

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Martin Acton's Aikido Institute | 100 Church Street |  Dromore |  Down |  BT251AA

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Saturday14:0014:50AikidoTeenager Aikido & Anti-Bullying classes

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Aikido Classes

Martin Acton's Aikido Institute is the only full-time Aikido training centre in the whole of Ireland and the U.K. We offer classes, courses and seminars in Aikido, Self-Defense, and Meditation. We are open 6 days a week and we teach children, teenagers and adults. From beginners to more advanced levels. The classes are educational, practical and enjoyable. Everyone is welcome and to come and try a free sample lesson to see how we may serve and help you. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon in person.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Martin Acton's Aikido Institute.


"Martin Acton's Aikido classes are very different from any Martial arts classes I've taken before. When your class is over, you leave feeling very calm, relaxed and looking forward to your next lesson. I have taken Jujitsu, Karate and Kickboxing in the past. None of them compare to Aikido. When I lived in Cork I tried Aikido and was hooked immediately. After moving to Northern Ireland I tried Martin Acton's Classes in Dromore. Here I found an excellent, vastly experienced teacher who I would highly recommend to anyone that is interested in Martial arts. Thank you Sensei. - Regards Jason Cronin"

Jason Cronin

"If you are interested in studying Aikido then this the dojo to join. I have been hugely impressed by the skill, dedication, teaching and patience that Martin Sensei gives to each and every one of his students. The atmosphere in the dojo is very traditional and respectful. Everyone is extremely helpful and welcoming without exception. Aikido itself is a challenging art with a huge amount to learn. The benefits however are well worth the hard work and despite having only joined the classes recently I can already see the positive effects in my everyday life. Thank you Martin Sensei. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey!"

Stuart Gilmore

"I am a martial artist with 20 years' experience in various styles. Curiosity and an urge to understand and develop Ki recently led me to begin Aikido under the authoritative and expert instruction of Sensei Martin Acton. The classes are uplifting, superbly informative with a strong emphasis on traditional martial art principles including etiquette, philosophy and spirit. Techniques are taught and integrated with indispensable practical advice for day to day life. There is a friendly atmosphere with safety and respect for others being paramount."

John Bell

"I have been studying Aikido with Martin since his classes started in Banbridge and have found them enjoyable, enlightening and very worthwhile. Starting as a complete beginner, I have gained self-confidence and self-awareness as my Aikido has improved week by week under Martin’s expert tuition. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and apply it back to my daily life and noticed improvements in all areas because of this."

Chris McGrath

"The recent Ladies Aikido Self-Defence Seminar at Martin Acton’s Aikido Institute was throughly enjoyable. It covered how to pre-empt and respond to different kinds of attacks and gave the opportunity for lots of practice with different partners and their individual style. We spent time identifying our own fears of attack and ways to respond, combating our fears and giving us confidence in ourselves. The seminar was relaxed, really worthwhile and a lot of fun! I would encourage anyone to try it. - Gillian McPherson"

Gillian Mcpherson

"Sensei Martin's dojo is a special place. An oasis of peace in a chaotic world. If you want to better yourself, have fun and learn a traditional Japanese martial art from an authentic Sensei then this is the place for you! In just a few weeks of coming here i already feel more confident and relaxed every time i train with Sensei Martin. Every class you learn something new and have fun doing it. Come along and give it a go! - Richard Taylor"

Richard Taylor

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