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BMMA Academy North Leeds (LS7 1RQ) |  First Floor, 2 Grant Avenue |  Leeds |  West Yorkshire |  LS7 1RQ

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BMMA Academy North Leeds (LS7 1RQ) |  First Floor, 2 Grant Avenue |  Leeds |  West Yorkshire |  LS7 1RQ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:15Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadet Beginners
Monday17:1517:45Children 4 - 7KickboxingLittle Soldiers
Monday17:4518:30Adults 12+KickboxingLadies Only Kickboxing
Monday18:3019:15Adults 12+KickboxingAdults & Teens
Tuesday18:0018:30Children 4 - 7KickboxingLittle Soldiers
Tuesday18:3019:15Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadets Beginners
Tuesday19:1520:00Adults 12+KickboxingAdults & Teens
Wednesday17:1517:45Children 4 - 7KickboxingLittle Soldiers
Wednesday17:4518:30Adults 12+KickboxingLadies Only Kickboxing
Wednesday19:1520:00Adults 12+KickboxingAdults & Teens
Thursday16:1516:45Children 4 - 7KickboxingLittle Soldiers
Thursday16:4517:30Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadets Beginners
Thursday18:0018:30Children 4 - 7KickboxingLittle Soldiers
Thursday18:3019:15Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadets Beginners
Friday17:0017:45Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadet Beginners/ Intermediates
Friday17:4518:15Children 4 - 7kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Friday18:3019:15Adults 12+kickboxingAdult & Teens
Saturday10:4511:30Children 8 - 11KickboxingCadets Beginners

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Kickboxing Classes

British Military Martial Arts is a dedicated organisation in the UK for ex-military and civilian Instructors to teach Martial Arts to adults and children. Young children and adults are welcome at all levels to learn how Martial Arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life. Our fully qualified team of Martial Arts and Kickboxing instructors at BMMA teach discipline, respect and confidence as part of their martial arts classes.

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"Excellent! As well as learning martial arts my kids have also developed better social skills, and had their confidence boosted greatly, fantastic instructor and great how all the kids encourage each other and work together."

Lisa Firth

"My son James started lessons with Martial Arts Leeds when he was 11. Charlotte has completely transformed him, she has motivated and kept him focused throughout his training. Just 3 years later with a lot of hard work and perseverance he succeeded in obtaining his black belt and 1st dan."

Tracey Rowley

"I train at the adults sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. They're a great work out and you get trained by the best instructors in Leeds. The sessions are really good for technical ability and improving confidence, and a bit of socialising too."

Victoria Clark

"Fab club! Charlotte's classes are great and different every week including fitness, self defence, grading techniques, pad work and sparring with opportunities for gradings and competitions. Everyone was very welcoming I when first joined and I can definitely tell I've made progress. Thanks :)"

Alex Holloway

"Martial Arts Leeds has been brilliant for our son. It's a friendly, family environment and the coaches help instil discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle whilst offering brilliant fun in the lessons. Our 4 year old loves it, he's grown in confidence and can't wait for his sessions each week."

Richard Tamlyn

"The best Martial Arts Academy in Leeds! Charlotte knows how to get the best from the children and trains with their individual personalities in mind. Definitely recommended."

Debbie Fleming

"A fantastic club. My son loves it and has brought the very best out of him. Charlotte is a great teacher and so easy to talk to."

Sasha Consiglio

"This place is amazing. In fact I would go as far as to say truly inspirational for kids and adults alike. They care so much about every individual child and adult, about their enjoyment and their progress. It is so family oriented, they even have a ladies bootcamp that mums can do while their kids train. They also train young people as apprentices, and get then qualified as instructors and support them all the way. Many of their members also compete around the country.. and win or lose are celebrated at the club. And in fact around the world.and if that’s not enough they raise money for lots of local charities and deserving people. The most recent and totally amazing was the whole club coming together to raise money for a club members dad who is ill, to send the whole family on holiday. I am fat, 48 and unfit.. and I am loving bootcamp and even got the t shirt. I can’t recommend this place enough for fitness, confidence boosting, and all round good giggle! Thanks BMMA team!! Xx"

Paula O'Malley

"BMMA Leeds is my sons second home.. The instructors are inspirational, motivational and always get the best out of their pupils in class.. My self and some yummy mummys even joined their bootcamp class while our children are training so best of both worlds!! Can't recommend this guys enough.. Keep up the hard work Charlotte and team"

Jody Richards

"My son has started the pre school classes and loves it!!! Brilliant introduction to martial arts for young children. The classes are designed to teach the basic core skills but most of all really fun especially as parents also get to participate!!! The instructors are amazing with the little kids engaging with them and ensuring they are all comfortable and happy with what they are learning. Highly recommend these classes for pre school children."

Shital Gokhani

"My son joining British Military Martial Arts was the best decision I’ve ever made. My son struggle with self esteem, making friends and discipline!! After a year of joining my son now it’s Confident, adapts to new friendship groups quickly and most importantly follows the rules!! He loves BMMA and if he could he would go everyday of the week! The academy is literally amazing and I would recommend it to all parents that are facing any barriers with their children or just looking for their children to meet new friends and have fun. BMMA is our family now. I love it and so does my son!! Join join join 💪🏾"

Tiah Rose

"I wear a hijab (headscarf) as part of my religion and I also absolutely love love love martial arts so when I found this club it completely met all my requirements. Every single instructor is professional and sensitive to my requirements while at the same time implementing discipline, a fantastic work out and great fun all around. Instructors Charlotte and Steve are brilliant and look after each and every student. They respect all their students as we respect them and at the same time have helped on so many occasions to increase my confidence and have continuously encouraged me to follow my passion in martial arts. Fab club... Amazing atmosphere.... Brilliant instructors..... I say no more!!"

Shanaz Khan

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