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Toukon Martial Arts | Washington Village Hall |  Valley Forge |  Washington |  Tyne & Wear |  NE38 7JN

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Toukon Martial Arts | Washington Village Hall |  Valley Forge |  Washington |  Tyne & Wear |  NE38 7JN

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday9:3010:30Adults 16+FitnessBoxFIT
Monday19:0020:00Adults 16+Fitness, KickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Tuesday16:0016:35Children 4 - 7Samurais KickboxingLittle Samurais Kickboxing
Tuesday16:4517:45Children 7 - 11KickboxingKickboxing 7 - 11yrs
Tuesday19:0020:15Adults 16+Fitness, KickboxingAdults Kickboxing 7pm
Wednesday12:1512:45Adults 16+FitnessPilates
Wednesday19:3020:00Adults 16+FitnessFatBurn Extreme
Wednesday20:0020:30Adults 16+FitnessPilates
Thursday16:0016:35Children 4 - 7Samurais KickboxingLittle Samurais Kickboxing
Thursday16:4517:45Children 7 - 11KickboxingKickboxing 7 - 11yrs
Thursday19:0020:15Adults 16+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing 7pm
Friday16:0016:35Children 4 - 6Judo, Samurais Karate, Samurais KickboxingLittle Samurais Multi Martial Arts
Friday16:4517:45Children 7 - 15Fitness, Judo, Karate, KickboxingMulti Martial Arts 7yrs+
Sunday9:009:35Children 4 - 7Samurais KickboxingLittle Samurais Kickboxing

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Fitness, Karate, Kickboxing, Judo Classes

Kickboxing at Toukon Martial Arts: Unleash Your Potential! For All Ages: From youngsters aged 4 and up to adults of any age, our Kickboxing classes offer something for everyone. Experience improved cardiovascular health, enhanced stamina, stress relief, and boosted confidence. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, our classes cater to all skill levels. Start your Kickboxing journey now!

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Toukon Martial Arts.


"An excellent Martial Arts club. My son joined 6 months ago and since then his confidence has gone through the roof. He looks forward to every session and seeing his friends. All the staff are lovely and friendly and are always very helpful. He continues to improve his kick-boxing skills after every session and the staff make the sessions fun and enjoyable as well as teaching good levels of self discipline. I couldn’t recommend this club enough to anyone."


"The Toukon team are outstanding! I'd highly recommend this club to anyone. I came to the club as a complete novice; an older female just looking for something fun to do to keep fit. Lacking in confidence, I chose to attend the ladies only class on Mondays. This class is great for people, like me, who want to give this a go but are nervous. The team's brilliant coaching got me hooked on kickboxing. Thanks to their skills, my confidence has grown enough to join in any class that they offer. This friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable team are superb!"


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