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Toukon Martial Arts | Milenium Centre |  The Oval |  WASHINGTON |  Tyne and Wear |  NE37 2QD

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Toukon Martial Arts | Milenium Centre |  The Oval |  WASHINGTON |  Tyne and Wear |  NE37 2QD

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday16:4517:45Children 7 - 12KarateKarate Beginners/Intermediate 7yrs+
Thursday16:4517:45Children 7 - 12KarateKarate Beginners/Intermediate 7yrs+

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Karate, Kickboxing Classes

Toukon Martial arts has classes for children aged from 4 years old all the way to adults. If you're ready to take the first step, don't hesitate. Contact us today to learn more about our Karate classes, class schedules, and how you can get started on your Karate journey. Your path to excellence begins here!

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Toukon Martial Arts.


"The dojo is set up so you all have your own area, own equipment and can feel comfortable working out. I turned up all nervous but everyone was just lovely. We were all in the same boat and all there for the same reasons. Kev and Antonia were so welcoming and explained what we would be doing getting to know each of us throughout. It was fun, challenging and energetic. I soon realised it was evident I hadn't worked out in a long time - cue the jelly legs. I blame lockdown (not sure what my excuse was before then mind you.) No pain no gain they say haha week 1 I had no technique, no power and no strength but by week 6 my whole physique had improved. Side kicks, roundhouse kicks, head shots, just to name a few. I can kick a lot higher, my fitness has improved, i'm more mentally disciplined and just having that social interaction with lovely encouraging genuine people is brilliant. So if you're thinking of joining or still undecided I'd say do it, join up give it ago you'll not regret it."


"I can't recommend Toukon Martial Arts highly enough, both my son and I feel really lucky to have found such an excellent club to be part off. I started Haydn in Karate when he was an energetic but easily distracted 7 year old who wanted to fight like a power ranger. 7 Years on he is a happy, fit and confident 14 year old who finds his training a great pressure relief from the stresses of being a teenager. In the last year Haydn achieved his 1st dan and was also selected for the JKS England squad for both Kata and Kumite, neither of these he would have achieved without the support and guidance of his Sensei. I attend both the Kick Boxing and fitness classes at Toukon the atmosphere is excellent due to the great mix of people and everyone is always very welcoming. Kevin is a natural teacher and his sessions are always varied, high quality, energetic, challenging and fun. No matter what your ability, age, fitness level etc. everyone is both supported and challenged in equal measures."


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