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Barker Martial Arts - Claygate | Claygate Martial Arts Centre |  162 Hare Lane |  Claygate | Esher |  Surrey |  KT10 0RD

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Barker Martial Arts - Claygate | Claygate Martial Arts Centre |  162 Hare Lane |  Claygate |  Esher |  Surrey |  KT10 0RD

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:55Children 3 - 5HGMSTINY TIGERS (Beginners) 3-5YRS
Monday16:0016:55Children 5 - 7HGMSTIGERS (Beginners) 5-7YRS
Monday17:0017:55Children 7 - 11HGMSCRANES (Beginners) 7-11yrs
Monday18:0018:55Children 7+HGMSStunt Training
Monday19:0019:55Adults 11+HGMSYOUTH/ADULT 11+ ALL ABILITIES
Tuesday12:0012:55Adults 18+HGMSADULT 18+ ALL ABILITIES
Tuesday16:0016:55Children 5 - 7HGMSTIGERS (Beginners) 5-7YRS
Tuesday16:0016:55Children 3 - 5HGMSTINY TIGERS (Beginners) 3-5YRS
Tuesday17:0017:55Children 7 - 11HGMSCRANES (Beginners) 7-11yrs
Tuesday19:0019:55Adults 11+HGMSYOUTH/ADULT 11+ ALL ABILITIES
Tuesday19:0019:55Adults 13+KickboxingKickboxing
Tuesday20:0020:55Adults 13+GrapplingGrappling
Wednesday10:0010:55Adults 18+HGMSADULT 18+ ALL ABILITIES
Wednesday12:0012:55AdultsHGMSGOLDEN EAGLES 55+
Wednesday16:0016:55Children 3 - 5HGMSTINY TIGERS (Beginners) 3-5YRS
Wednesday16:0016:55Children 5 - 7HGMSTIGERS (Beginners) 5-7YRS
Wednesday17:0017:55Children 7 - 11HGMSCRANES (Beginners) 7-11yrs
Thursday16:0016:55Children 5 - 7HGMSTIGERS (Beginners) 5-7YRS
Thursday16:0016:55Children 3 - 5HGMSTINY TIGERS (Beginners) 3-5YRS
Thursday17:0017:55Children 7 - 11HGMSCRANES (Beginners) 7-11yrs
Thursday19:0019:55Adults 11+HGMSYOUTH/ADULT 11+ ALL ABILITIES
Friday11:0011:55Adults 18+HGMSADULT 18+ WEAPONS ALL ABILITIES
Friday12:0012:55Adults 18+HGMSADULT 18+ ALL ABILITIES
Friday16:0016:55Children 3 - 5HGMSTINY TIGERS (Beginners) 3-5YRS
Friday16:0016:55Children 5 - 7HGMSTIGERS (Beginners) 5-7YRS
Friday17:0017:55Children 7 - 11HGMSCRANES (Beginners) 7-11yrs
Friday19:0019:55Adults 13+GrapplingGrappling
Friday20:0020:55Adults 11+HGMSYOUTH/ADULT 11+ ALL ABILITIES
Saturday9:009:55FamilyHGMSBEGINNER ALL AGES

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Martial Arts, Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing Classes

To provide a unique & enriching experience for the community, where members can enjoy martial arts training moulded to their individual needs. To support members in achieving their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual goals in a safe, inclusive & fun environment. To inspire members to make positive changes in all areas of life and to develop leaders of the future.

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"My son loved it. You have a fantastic team. He was nervous at first, but they were great. He's keen to join. Thank you"

New Parent

"Martial arts has been great for my physical fitness and a great way to clear my mind from a busy work schedule. I enjoy teaching all levels and areas, especially syllabus detail to advanced students. I'm a stickler for detail! Come and train with me if you want a good work out too. I love having the opportunity to train and teach with my children, over a decade so far."

Mark Burrows

"I love teaching at CMAC because of the respect and kindness that students demonstrate for each other, regardless of age, ability or rank"

Susan Morton

"PKJN James, as our instructor, has taught and inspired myself and my 2 children from starting out as white belt students to the proud achievement of being promoted to 1st dahn black belts in 2010. Throughout that time PKJN has been a beacon of excellence, both as a teacher and as a martial artist, and has set standards of etiquette and attitude to which all of his students should attempt to aspire. To say Kuk Sool Won™ has transformed my life and the dynamic of our family life is an under-statement"

Phil Daval-Bowden

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