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Camberley Judo Club | Deer Rock Road |  Camberley |  Surrey |  GU15 4EP

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Camberley Judo Club | Deer Rock Road |  Camberley |  Surrey |  GU15 4EP

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Children 3 - 4Monday Judo TotsMonday Mini Judo Tots
Monday16:3017:15Children 5 - 8Monday beginner classMonday Beginner class
Monday17:1518:00Children 9 - 12Monday Intermediate ClassMonday Intermediate class
Tuesday16:1517:00Children 5 - 6Tuesday Beginner 5 and 6 yearsTuesday beginner class 5 and 6 year olds
Tuesday17:0017:45Children 7 - 8Tuesday Junior classTuesday Junior class for children 7-8 years
Tuesday17:4518:45Children 9 - 11Tuesday Junior classTuesday Junior class children 9-11 years old
Tuesday18:4519:45Children 12 - 17Tuesday Junior classTuesday Advanced Juniors children 12-17 years old
Wednesday19:0020:15Adults 13+Wednesday Senior/Beginner/Kyu Grade TechnicalWednesday Senior/Beginner/Kyu grade technical
Thursday16:1517:00Children 5 - 6Thursday Beginners aged 5 and 6Thursday beginner class for 5 and 6 year olds
Thursday17:4518:45Children 9 - 11Thursday Junior classThursday Junior class for children 9- 11 years
Thursday18:4519:45Children 12 - 17Thursday Advanced JuniorsThursday Advanced Juniors 12-17 years
Saturday10:1511:00Children 5 - 8Saturday beginner classSaturday beginner class
Saturday11:0011:45Monday Intermediate ClassSaturday Intermediate class

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Why Join Camberley Judo Club For over 25 years Camberley Judo Club has been one of the UK’s top judo clubs. A totally unique judo club we have programmes for everyone from children through seniors to elite athletes competing at international level. Camberley Judo Club has perfected the balance between a friendly, recreational social judo club and a full time high performance elite judo training centre. Whether you are a youngster or adult looking for fun and fitness or a serious elite judoka looking for that winning edge we can can cater for your training needs.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Camberley Judo Club.

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