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J K Martial Arts | Great Wood Hall |  Hollington Road |  Tean | Stoke On Trent |  Staffordshire |  ST10 4JY

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J K Martial Arts | Great Wood Hall |  Hollington Road |  Tean |  Stoke On Trent |  Staffordshire |  ST10 4JY

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday18:3019:30Adults, Children 4+KarateAdults & Kids Karate
Tuesday17:3018:00Children 4 - 7Karate, Kickboxing4-7 Year Old Martial Arts
Tuesday18:0019:00Adults, Children 4+KarateAdults & Kids Karate

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Stoke On Trent 
Karate, Kickboxing Classes

At J K Martial Arts we teach Wado Ryu Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing in Tean - Staffordshire. We emphasise traditional values and roots in order to develop strength, focus and discipline. The styles we teach do not limit itself. We benefit from knowledge of other arts that also focus on self defence, counterattacking, strikes, body movement (Tai sabaki), joint locks and throws. Learn to defend yourself and improve your fitness at the same time! Our classes are mixed with adults and kids giving you the flexibility of being able to attend yourself, or on the other hand, train alongside your child.

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"JK Martial Arts hosts a great blend of classes from traditional martial arts, modern self defence techniques and kickboxing with dedecated sparring and circuit training sessions. Classes are blended seamlessly with adults and children so families can learn a serious discipline together. Come along and see what we're all about!"

Jonathan Keane

"This is my second kickboxing club I have attended and I have to say this is the best one. I would recommend this club to anyone who is interested in physical excercise and the friendly nature of the people who attend make it an enjoyable experience"

Carl Rookyard

"An excellent team of highly trained tutors you can be certain that your children or yourselves come away high achievers. At the same time the class is very friendly and none intimidating I can definately recommend it."

Kim Jordan

"A club with a friendly atmosphere but a hard working and hard fighting mentality"

Rob Hullah

"My daughter has been attending KB classes for nearly 2 years and enjoyed them from day 1. With no previous KB experience she was inevitably nervous at first but immediately felt at ease due to the friendly nature of the teachers The classes are mixed ability and ages but they all fit in"

Joanne Hollamby

"I have been going for nearly 7 years with my 2 Children , we are all brown belts now and looking forward to our black belt grade, when we get back to it after this Covid outbreak. Dean and Liam are very passionate instructors and it is great to be able to train along side your Children .I recommend J K Martial arts."

Mark Memphis

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