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St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church | Church Hall |  32 London Road |  Daventry |  Northamptonshire |  NN11 4BZ

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St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church | Church Hall |  32 London Road |  Daventry |  Northamptonshire |  NN11 4BZ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0017:45Children 3 - 6MF Martial Arts - Mighty Matts (Official)Mighty Matt's (Ages 3 - 6)
Monday18:0019:00Adults, Children, Family 7+MF Martial Arts - Junior & Family (Official)Junior & Family (Ages 7+)

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Taekwondo Classes

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts run some fantastic classes for ages 3+ that we can't wait for you to take part in; these aim to improve confidence, discipline, fitness and promote self defence (only when necessary!) amongst a whole host of other benefits, in a fun, and unpressurised learning environment.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Matt Fiddes Martial Arts - Daventry.


"My daughter is growing in confidence and feels part of a team. Thank you"

James Isom

"The girls love each lesson, learning self defence and keeping them fit. Fantastic teacher and great lessons"

Cassandra Allen

"The most enjoyable thing is seeing the kids enjoy their time in a disciplined manner. The benefits are fitness, discipline and fun"

Rakesh Patel

"MF Daventry is a fun class, the family class is easy to get into for beginners of all ages. The curriculum seems to be a mixed martial art with elements of a number of martial arts included. Everything is explained and easy to follow and learn. The quantity of new elements you need to learn for each grade is comfortable and strikes a nice balance between learning new techniques and making progress through the belts. MF encourages the development of personal discipline in juniors including prioritising personal development and behaviour improvements out of the class as a prerequisite to grading. For adults you have the fitness and confidence benefits of learning a martial art in a welcoming environment. It may seem daunting to start a class like this however once you do, you’ll quickly feel welcome and stop worrying about that and instead start enjoying the classes."

Natasha Wright

"My little girl is 5 years old and has been in the classes for several months and she loves it, she is very happy and is always waiting for the day she has to go to martial arts, the classes are very good and the teachers are wonderful, it has had a very positive impact , and we are very happy. Thank you very much 😊🌟🦋😊"

Yordanka Abreu

"Highly recommended. Both of my kids really enjoy."


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