Hastings Kickboxing Academy

HASTINGS KICKBOXING ACADEMY | 12/14 Maunsel Road  |  Castleham Industrial Estate |  East Sussex  | HASTINGS |  EAST SUSSEX |  tn389nn

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HASTINGS KICKBOXING ACADEMY | 12/14 Maunsel Road  |  Castleham Industrial Estate |  East Sussex  |  HASTINGS |  EAST SUSSEX |  tn389nn

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday9:3010:15AdultsKickboxingFemale only Kickboxing
Monday16:3017:00Children 3 - 6KickboxingTots Fitness & Kickboxing
Monday17:1518:00Children 7 - 11KickboxingCadet Beginner Kickboxing
Monday18:3019:30AdultsKickboxingFemale Only Kickboxing
Tuesday16:3017:00Children 3 - 6KickboxingTots Fitness & Kickboxing
Tuesday17:1518:00Children 7 - 11KickboxingCadet Beginner Kickboxing
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16KickboxingTeen Beginner Kickboxing
Tuesday18:4519:45Adults 16+KickboxingAdult Beginners Kickboxing
Tuesday19:4521:00Adults 14+K1 / Thai BoxingWMTG - K1 Thai
Wednesday19:0019:45Adults 16+KickboxingMen Only Kickboxing
Thursday9:3010:15AdultsKickboxingFemale only Kickboxing
Thursday16:3017:00Children 3 - 6KickboxingTots Fitness & Kickboxing
Thursday17:1518:00Children 7 - 11KickboxingCadet Beginner Kickboxing
Thursday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16KickboxingTeen Beginner Kickboxing
Thursday18:4519:45Adults 16+KickboxingAdult Beginners Kickboxing
Thursday19:0020:00AdultsKickboxingFemale Only Kickboxing
Thursday19:4521:00Adults 14+K1 / Thai BoxingWMTG - K1 Thai
Friday17:0017:45Children 12 - 16KickboxingTeen Mixed Ability Kickboxing
Friday18:3019:30Adults 13+BoxingBoxing
Saturday9:4510:30Children 7 - 11KickboxingCadets Mixed Kickboxing

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Hastings Kickboxing Academy has been running for many years now and we have developed a great program to help development for all ages. HKA have over 30 classes a week for just kickboxing. Children of different ages learn at different rates and speeds, they have different attention spans and needs, Different – heights – weights – strengths – understandings – rules – life skills and knowledge and these are just some of the reasons we at HKA feel the need for so many individual classes.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Hastings Kickboxing Academy.


"My step daughter had no confidence before she started at hka but carl and Jenny also rest of team are great and have taught her loads best place for adults and children well done to Carl and Jenny"

Lisa Torrance

"So proud of myself. I've lost 1 and half stone in two months 😊✊💪thanks to hasting kickboxing 👍🏻"


"Awesome, irrespective of ability, age, weight etc. Loving it!"

Ed Clarke

"Amazing friendly well structured club! Felt very welcome coming from another gym. Fantastic club Carl. Highly recommend x"


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