Kuk Sool Won - Ely

Kuk Sool Won - Ely | Unit 9B |  Regal Lane |  Soham | Ely |  Cambridgeshire |  CB7 5BA

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Kuk Sool Won - Ely | Unit 9B |  Regal Lane |  Soham |  Ely |  Cambridgeshire |  CB7 5BA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:45Kuk sool won - ElyBlack Belt and DBN
Monday17:0017:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyLittle Dragons
Monday17:3018:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyJunior Beginner
Monday20:4522:00Adults, Children 12+Kuk sool won - ElyAdults
Tuesday17:3018:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyJunior Beginner
Tuesday18:3019:45FamilyKuk sool won - ElyFamily Class
Tuesday20:4522:00Kuk sool won - ElyKSN & Above class
Wednesday18:3019:45Kuk sool won - ElyBlack Belt and DBN
Wednesday20:4522:00Adults, Children 12+Kuk sool won - ElyAdults
Thursday17:0017:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyLittle Dragons
Thursday17:3018:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyJunior Beginner
Thursday18:3019:30ChildrenKuk sool won - ElyJunior Advance belts
Thursday19:3020:45Kuk sool won - ElyBlack Belt and DBN

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Kuk Sool Won Classes

Kuk Sool Won is a Korean martial arts system. The name Kuk Sool Won translates to 'National Martial Art Association'. Kuk Sool Won - Ely run classes in Soham for children and adults, starting from the age of 4.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Kuk Sool Won - Ely.


"My daughter joined KSW - Ely in January and I never thought she would like it as much as she does. Ashley who runs it is such an inspiration and role model to my daughter plus the other seniors who support her, take class, support the children are simply brilliant. My daughter just competed in her first ever comp, she picked up 2 medals. Kuk Sool has not only built her confidence but it has given her stamina, improved fitness and improved memory, concentration and learning. I would recommend this to any parent looking to build a child’s confidence. The kids have to be quite disciplined which I think is great learning. In addition to that it’s a really nice atmosphere for a spectating parent, friendly, supportive of one another’s kids without resentment or competitiveness. It’s like one big family"

Becky Crisp

"I can highly recommend Kuk sool won-Ely..my eldest has been attending Ashley’s classes since she started 3 years ago and loves it and will hopefully be getting his black belt in June. My youngest aged just 4 started the beginning of January and is also loving it..so much time and energy is put in to all her students.."

Philippa Timmins

"Whether your 4 or 40! KSW Ely has something for you! My daughter and I have done nearly 2 years now and have never looked back! KSN Ashley is so passionate about the art and as well as pulling everyone together as a team , really focuses on individual needs so every student progresses at their own level. It’s a fun, friendly environment every lesson, and everyone encourages each other. WE LOVE IT!!!"

Leanne Palmer

"Our 2 kids have been going since last summer and have learned so much. Classes are fun whilst being structured and disciplined. The instructors are all excellent and focus on each students' needs. My son did a year of after school karate and learned nowhere near as much as he has at KSW."

Mike Jolly

"My daughter started Kuk Sool Won back in June, and after a few months of watching the fun, my husband and I joined in October. It has been a great family activity for us. KSN Ashley is an amazing instructor."

Jenna Chastain

"Kuk sool won Ely is the place to be. I have been coming to KSN Ashley’s classes since it started and done it a year before that at a different school. I would definitely consider starting Kuk Sool Won. It’s builds confidence, strength, stamina and much more."

Sasha Munns

"Kuk sool won ely has such a great environment and wonderful people. I have been attending for nearly three years now and my brother has just joined us and enjoys it thoroughly highly recommended"

Ami Hedgecock

"My daughter has been attending classes since it started and absolutely loves it. It feels like you’re part of a family and is much more than just a martial arts class"

Claire Pearce

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