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 | Swinfen Harris Church Hall |  London Road |  Stony Stratford | Milton Keynes |  Bucks |  MK11 1JA

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 | Swinfen Harris Church Hall |  London Road |  Stony Stratford |  Milton Keynes |  Bucks |  MK11 1JA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:50Jado Kuin DoJado Kuin Do - Super J class

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Milton Keynes 
Jado Kuin Do Classes

Jado Kuin Do uses the practice of specific movements that have been devised into a complete mental, physical and spiritual system of self defence. Here at the World Jado Organisation, we offer a range of children’s classes from the age of 3 – 13, as well as adult classes suitable for both beginners and advanced students. All our classes teach essential life skills through an ongoing learning process of self discovery, which is delivered in a fun and friendly environment, and are located across the East Midlands and the South East of England.

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