Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do

Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do | Rivermead Leisure Centre |  Richfield Avenue |  Reading |  Berkshire |  RG1 8EQ

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Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do | Rivermead Leisure Centre |  Richfield Avenue |  Reading |  Berkshire |  RG1 8EQ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0017:00Children 5 - 7ITF Taekwon-DoChild U8 White/Yellow Belt Technical @READING
Monday17:0018:00Children 8 - 12ITF Taekwon-DoChild U13 White/Yellow Belt Technical @READING
Monday19:0021:00Adults, Children 12+ITF Taekwon-DoYouth U18/Adult Colour Belt Technical @READING
Monday19:0020:30Adults, Children 12+ITF Taekwon-DoYouth U18/Adult Beginner @READING
Tuesday16:0017:00Children 5 - 6ITF Taekwon-DoPreTKD U8 Beginner/White Belt @READING
Tuesday17:0018:00Children 5 - 7ITF Taekwon-DoChild U10 Novice/Yellow Belt @READING
Tuesday19:0021:00Adults, Children 12+ITF Taekwon-DoYouth U18/Adult Red/Black Belt Technical @READING
Thursday16:0017:30Children 5 - 8ITF Taekwon-DoChild U8 Padwork & Sparring @READING
Thursday19:0021:00Adults, Children 12+ITF Taekwon-Do, Korean Kickboxing, Martial Arts FitnessYouth U18/Adult Padwork & Sparring @READING
Friday16:0017:30Children 5 - 7ITF Taekwon-DoChild U8 Beginner/White - Novice/Yellow Belt @READING
Friday17:3019:00Children 8 - 12ITF Taekwon-DoChild U13 All Grades @READING

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Kickboxing, Taekwondo Classes

Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do offers specialised self defence and fitness training for all age groups and ability levels with fully qualified and insured instructors following a structured and internationally recognised syllabus. Martial Arts offer all the normal benefits of sports exercise: fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility, but with the additional benefit of self defence.

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"I regard Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do to be the most professional of set ups and is incredibly well run. Ably supported by an array of friendly, approachable and knowledgable senior belts of whom I have very much enjoyed training with and learning from."

Dr Iain Rock

"Thames Valley Taekwon-Do brings together a host of talent in a driven yet fun environment including top coaching, officiating, and technical support from an international athletes perspective within an amazing team environment. With Thames Valley you will reach your potential whatever your goal!"

Dan Vinten

"Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do has tought me a lot in Martial Arts and how to be an awesome all rounded person in life as well. I want to thank all the instructor team and especially to Master Andy Whiteley for his commitment to teach us the best within this fantastic self defence art. I look forward to being able to return soon."

Nayden Ga

"My daughter joined in November last year when she was 8 years old. She absolutely loves classes and looks forward to each one insisting we now go three times per week so she can compete in tournaments as soon as possible! Master Whiteley and his team are excellent instructors offering sessions full of variety and enjoyable challenge. My daughter always feels encouraged and is excited by the progress she is making."

Nigel Roper

"My son joined Thames Valley Taekwon-Do club just over a year ago and loves it! Master Whiteley is an amazing instructor and is brilliant with all the kids - it's a joy to watch them in action at a training session. I would highly recommend this club to anyone thinking of taking up Martial Arts!"

Samantha Fountain

"Taekwon-Do has been the best thing we have done for our son. Aaron joined Thames Valley about two years ago and it has helped him in every aspect of life. It has made him fitter, more confident, and even his concentration at school has improved. Martial Arts are magic. I cannot thank enough Master Whiteley and his fantastic team of instructors for how they have changed my son for the better. They are simply GREAT at what they do."

Salvatore Serra

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